Thursday, April 10, 2014

Akademi Bolasepak Negara Mokhtar Dahari

10th April 2014 at Sekolah Sukan Malaysia in Gambang, Pahang , marks a new chapter in Malaysian football development with the opening of an academy to spur the development of the sport in Malaysia. It is named as Akademi Bolasepak Negara Mokhtar Dahari as a tribute Malaysia's great footballer in the 80s which until today there is still no Malaysian player to rise up to his standard of skills and ability. 

During the opening ceremony officiated by Prime Minister, Pelan Pembangunan Bolasepak Negara (PPBN) was also launched.

To achieve the objective of improving standards of football in the country, the government had allocated RM10 million to PPBN. 
Image Credit to ISN CEO Facebook Page

 Image Credit to ISN CEO Facebook Page

The Academy within the Sekolah Sukan Negara, Gambang has 11 football fields covered with Bermuda Grass, for training. It is expected to groom more than 20,000 young players.

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Home Ministry Strike Out Paintball Marker Of Arms Act 1960

The My NPL tournament at Dataran Merdeka Melaka had been postphone due to non compliance of PDRM's requirement that all paintball markers needs to be licensed. The Internal Ministry recently decided that all paintball marker owner apply for firearm licence to carry and use the equipment. Paintball markers are classified as firearms under the Arms Act 1960. 

The question is can a paintball marker be used in a robbery and threaten people? With the popularity of the sport, more and more people can recognise a paintball marker to differentiate it from a normal gun unless its an airsoft gun which more likely imitate the actual firearm. 
However law is still law and sports too has to abide by the rules. Paintball players cry fouls of the ruling and announcement and debated the pro and cons. Kelab Sukan Airsoft Selangor (ASOC) reacted by requesting their members to surrender the guns to the association temporarily in compliance of the police requirements. 

After the incident at the MyNPL torunament Home Minister then issued a statement that: 

MALACCA: Licenses for paintball guns will not be a requirement for much longer, as the Home Minister has decided to exclude it from the Arms Act 1960.
"Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid (Hamidi) has informed me that he, as the Minister, has decided to exempt paintball markers in the Act," said Youth and Sport Minister Khairy Khairy Jamaluddin here Sunday.
However, Khairy said the process of exemption would take time as it involved many procedures, including intense scrutiny by the Ministry's legal division. - SOURCE
Hope with this recent development, the sports can regain its momentum. However all paintball enthusiast and fans will help to keep the good name of paintball and bring to the attention of Persatuan Paintball Malaysia of any misuse or mistreatment of the sports equipment and regulations.