Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Change 1 Pupil 1 Sport

It was a move to improve standard of sports in the country but majority of the population esp the teaching profession see it as a political agenda. The same as the one mooted by one of the previous Sports Minister when Sukan Teras replaces Tunas Cemerlang. As one of the Tunas Cemerlang coaches I felt so sad that the effort to unearth young talents as young as 13 years was disbanded and not we see our sports is declining.

Those days when football was in the NSC's Tunas Cemerlang programme it is showing some progress but FAM spoil the soup when they wanted it back and football never progress. Political agendas should not meddle with sports if Malaysia want to see sports take back the frontline activities.

When Minister of Education announced the one pupil one sport program to be implemented in schools many see it as a flop. How can we force a multitalented young kid to forget his/other sport. Early specialization will not produce excellent sportsmen.

I think it would be better for the Education Department to make a survey of schools that excel in a particular sport and make it a the main sports for the school and in addition the school can choose a few additional sports to be played by the pupils. Then the pupil can have some choice.

Thats just my 1 cent view.

AFF Suzuki Cup 2014 Name List

FAM released the name list of players to fly the Jalur Gemilang in the 2014 Suzuki Cup. 22 playes had been named. Click HERE to view the name list.

Malaysia's will play Myanmyar at Jalan Besar Stadium, Singapore on 23rd November and kick off is at 1700 hrs. Malaysia had been drawn in Group b together with Myanmar, Singapore and Thailand.

Click HERE for Fixtures